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Timber bolts have a dome shaped head with fins underneath, and come in just about any diameter or length you need. They are generally used in applications involving heavy timber construction like docks, decks and timber bridges. Next time you are at a marina or standing outside on a deck take a look down and see if you can see the dome shaped head of a carriage bolt. Odds are you will and even a better chance that it came from Sea Port Marine’s warehouse but these bolts can also be used in many other applications that require a fastener of some sort.

Timber bolts may also be referred to as a fender head, a security head, or an economy. These bolts can be used for wood applications and are mostly used in marine docking applications. The timber bolts are often galvanized and are typically referred to as a dome head or mushroom head bolt. The undersurface of the rounded head bolt will typically have four fins or a nub that stops the bolts from turning on the timber as the nuts are being tightened which pulls itself into the wood.

There are several available types of timber bolt material and they are: 
* Zinc plated steel - the steel is plated with zinc that has moderate protection from rust.
* Grade 5 Chrome - grade 5 chrome fasteners that has a mirror like finishing giving a distinct look for all types of application. 
* Steel grade 5 - made from carbon steel and is use in all automotive applications where higher strength is needed. 
* Silicon Bronze - this has an alloy of copper with corrosion resistance and great strength than brass. This is one of the most common use for restoration and of building with wood.

The other decision you need to be aware of is what material or finish will be best for your application. Please remember if there is any bolt, marine dock hardware or a specialty application you are working with and you do not see a possible solution here you can always call or email us. All of our contact information is listed under contact us up above.

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Timber Bolts


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